AIESEC Alumni Awards

AIESEC Alumni Poland (AAP) would like to create an incentive program to motivate LCs to organize local events for Alumni (former members of AIESEC and EPs) and launch initiatives that would encourage them to get in touch with their LC and get more involved in various AIESEC and AIESEC Alumni initiatives.

Alumni believe that AIESEC is a Lifelong Connection – the aim of the award is to strengthen cooperation between AIESECers and Alumni and create opportunities for Alumni to get involved in activities supporting AIESEC.

The following 2 awards have been established in order to encourage sustainable AIESEC-Alumni cooperation. They are presented yearly, during the AIESEC National Conference NatCo in January. Each award is accompanied by a financial incentive.

AIESEC Alumni Cooperation Awards

Progress Award

  • # of new activities compared to previous term
  • Growth in # of Alumni participating in activities compared to previous term
  • Creativity of undertaken activities

Performance Award

  • Total # of activities involving Alumni organized by the LC
  • Total # of Alumni participating in activities organized by the LC
  • Quality of undertaken activities