Alumni Mentor

AIESEC in Poland Alumni Association is happy to invite you to join the 3rd edition of our international mentoring program run in cooperation with AIESEC alumni communities from Belgium, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Belgium, United Arab Emirated as well as Kingmakers – an AIESEC alumni company specializing in development programs and scenarios for organizations, teams and leaders.

The goal of the program is to aid mentees (young people in their early career stage) in achieving their professional development goals thanks to the support of an experienced mentor (+10 years of experience in a given area) through a 5-months long mentorship process. Common AIESEC background and values facilitate quick building of trust which is a solid fundamental for a mentoring relation!

Pairs can be both mixed (international) as well as local (national) depending on the preferences of the mentor and mentee.

Thanks to our strong framework and high quality our program has been honored by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council in the frame of a competition for mentoring programs in the category of NGOs!

What’s in it for me?Give back to the younger generation.
– Become a professional mentor thanks to the Kingmakers’ development program consisting of training and meta-mentoring.
– Get united with the AIESEC Alumni community!
– Formal electronic certificate for your LinkedIn!
Achieve your development goals thanks to the support from a senior, experienced AIESEC Alumni.
– Build priceless professional network in the desired industry.
– Get united with the AIESEC Alumni community!
Can I join?– You’re a former AIESEC member.
– You have 10+ years of experience and successes in the specific industry.
– You want to build leadership competencies for talent development as a professional Mentor.
– You can devote time to training (8 hrs) and meetings with your Mentee (once every 3 weeks).
– You are (or wish to become) a formal member of AIESEC in Poland Alumni Association (join us here!).
– You’re not a coach or mentor by profession.
– You’re a former AIESEC member.
– You’ve graduated from university.
– You know your development goals.
– You are (or wish to become) a formal member of AIESEC in Poland Alumni Association (join us here!).

Key dates

Application deadline for mentors and mentee candidatesNov 8 2022
Mandatory training for mentees (save the date!)Nov 15 2022, 5-8 PM CET
Mandatory training for mentors (save the date!)Nov 22 2022, 5-8 PM CET
Mentoring period (1 session every 3 weeks)Dec 22 – May 23
Meta-mentoring sessions for mentors (voluntary)Feb 22 – Mar 23
Mid-term training for mentorsMar 7 2023
Final training for mentorsMay 23, TBD
Closure ceremonyJune 23, TBD

How to apply?

This years’ recruitment has ended on Nov 8th 2022! Join us next year!


These are some of the credits given by our mentors and mentees:

Thanks for the program (and the mentor) I jumped over a few levels of self-consciousness

The relationship will last beyond this program
The mentor was always prepared and available for advise any time

I’m satisfied with this program because 1) it was professional, 2) mentor was very inspiring, 3) I reached by goal

My initial goal evolved during the program, I could get to know myself better and every meeting brought new thoughts on future career development
I learned to listen better 

Basing on my mentee’s influence I took a decision to do something that I haven’t dared to do for 20 years

The development of the mentee, her work on herself, her happiness are my greatest satisfaction. I worked on my patience and listening skills – here was my biggest growth.

An interesting view from the other side, wide perspective, mastering of leadership skills