Weronika Sipak, mentee 2022/23

What was your challenge that you wished to address thanks to mentoring?

To excel at task management, skillfully delegating the majority of responsibilities while maintaining the ability to swiftly and efficiently track their progress.

How did mentoring help you?

Thanks to regular meetings with Mentor I was able to regularly work on my goal and had the possibility to discuss my problems and concerns. I’ve had plenty of thoughts and ideas, and I truly believe that without the mentoring program, achieving this goal wouldn’t have been nearly as effective.

What would you like to say to people who consider becoming mentees?

Being a mentee has been an incredibly memorable journey for me. It’s like having a fresh set of eyes on your challenges, helping you uncover hidden resources to reach your goals. I highly recommend it to all of you. My mentor completely exceeded my expectations, and we’re a perfect match.

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