Justyna Kalinowska, mentee 2021/22

What was your challenge that you wished to address thanks to mentoring?

Participating in the mentoring program, I had clearly defined goals. I described them precisely in the application form, and I think that’s an important step. It certainly facilitates the selection of the right mentor. I was fortunate that my mentor was someone I got along with very well, had a wealth of knowledge in the area that interested me, and achieved high results in their field. During our meetings, I gained a lot from discussions based on real-life examples from my current situations. Looking at them from a different perspective was very developmental for me. Although a year has passed since the mentoring, I still benefit from the acquired skills and ways of handling certain situations. It would have taken me much longer to reach certain conclusions on my own. Having a mentor definitely makes it much easier.

How did mentoring help you?

Mentoring helped me grow in my industry. Thanks to a well-matched mentor, I could regularly expand my knowledge and analyze current issues under the mentor’s guidance. I received a wealth of recommendations (books, tests, movies, and contacts within the industry), which brought many benefits to me. I am immensely grateful for this experience.

What would you like to say to people who consider becoming mentees?

I think it’s worth giving it a try and seeing if it’s right for us. You can meet a truly great mentor and develop your skills. Additionally, being in the program gives you access to a group of people who are currently going through the same process. In my circle, one person had an unsuccessful mentoring experience the first time, but the second time turned out to be a fantastic experience. It’s worth trying.

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