Alumni 4 eXchange | 2023/24

AIESEC in Poland Alumni Association wants to support AIESEC in Poland’s Global Volunteer program.

As AIESEC is still struggling to get back on track with their exchange programs after the pandemic, we believe there’s an opportunity for us – AIESEC Alumni – to support them in effective and meaningful way by partially covering costs of accommodation for volunteers coming to Poland.


  • To increase awareness of other cultures among young Poles,
  • To support Local Committees in re-establishing cooperation with their partners,
  • To help AIESEC members to boost results of this strictly non-profit project,
  • To assist MC and LCs in achieving their operational targets.


We want to collect enough funds among Polish AIESEC Alumni to be able to cover accommodation costs for 100 participants of Global Volunteer program during their stay in Poland.

Please contribute!